Colgate’s variants has helped brand, but needs to relook strategy.

In order to analyse whether Colgate’s strategy of having a single brand in India is the best strategy or not, we need to look at some aspects of the market a little more closely. Click here to view the Case Study

Can Liril get back that lime and lemony zest?

The soap market in India is a high-penetration (98 percent) category with a multitude of brands. The market is estimated at Rs 10,000 crore[…] Click here to view the Case Study

How can Café Coffee Day meet the Starbucks challenge?

Today, the coffee chain market is more than Rs 1,000 crore and is growing at almost 30 per cent each year. The market is dominated by a few brands with CCD the largest[…] Click here to view the Case Study

What’s the future for Tata Nano?

At a time when India’s largest selling car company, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, was devising strategies to discontinue its lowest-priced car — the Maruti 800 — and make Alto its base model, another company was stretching its engineering prowess to produce the world’s cheapest car. Termed an engineering marvel by many, the initiative became a showcase project for Tata Motors. More and more[…] Click here to view the Case Study

The Hindu and TOI – who can make more mistakes !!

The famous war between The Hindu and TOI seems to be reducing to “I can make more mistakes than you “. Hindu’s salvo on TOI drew a lot of attention. Also drew a lot of criticism for attacking the reader of TOI rather than TOI itself. That was the first mistake in a war which is now becoming more and more ridiculous. It was strange how Hindu missed the basic […]

Understanding category Transition from Consumer Perspective

    Managing Category Transitions -Tata Nano A Case Study      Vishwadeep Kuila       Tata Nano has been a very interesting case. With predictions of roads getting clogged by the Nanos to the huge PR exercise about the world’s cheapest car grabbing the fancy of the marketers. What makes this case more interesting is the fact that most marketing gurus gave thumbs up to this concept car, without […]

Current Clients ≠ Clients Forever

This is true, especially in the B2B space where client engagments are over longer periods of time and the deliverables are also spread.  In this scenario, there are numerous triggers for the client to either be elated or frustrated and thus builds in to the relationship a sort of ‘Crests & Troughs’ line – a line that is best avoided.  We know we are doing our best but sometimes we […]