Marketing needs fulfilled – end to end!

Brand Vectors offers an entire gamut of services. Just as the marketing department of an organization connects the dots, fills in the missing pieces and bridges all the gaps – of course, apart from the key areas of communication – we at Brand Vectors would be just like your marketing department – but outsourced! And therefore it would be difficult to define or compartmentalize all the services.

Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • Brand Vectors will adopt your existing marketing team and guide them in delivering the objectives more efficiently, by bringing in the large experience of the Brand Vectors team
  • This is a retainer based model and involves long term commitment from both sides
  • In this model Brand Vectors can work with the existing marketing/advertising agencies that the client may be already working with, or can bring in new agencies on specific request from the client
  • This model usually involves 2-3 days in a month of dedicated presence at the client’s place in single or multiple slots and availability throughout the rest of the month by mail and phone calls
  • However modified models of this arrangements have also been worked

Outsourced Sales Head

  • This role has more number of days of direct contact with the client and would involve a particular member of Brand Vectors being permanently associated with the client’s Sales Team
  • This has a combination of retainer and incentive component

Positioning Strategy

The team at Brand Vectors has the experience of handling complex positioning problems in various product categories. From simple problem solution products, to times when the product is absolutely a me too , but needs to be distinguished in the minds of the consumer. We engage our research associates in generating multiple positioning options based on expressed and latent benefits in the category. Check the best fit for the brand and create the positioning statement accordingly. The team has successfully created positions in categories which never existed and carved huge market shares for the brand.

Brand Health Check

Brand Vectors team has managed large and complex brands and can effectively carry out one time Brand Health check for  your brands. We conduct the check with a powerful but simple tool, which on overall level measures Pocket share vs Mind share. This will conclusively point out if there is positive gap or negative gap between the two and hence whether there is opportunity for the brand to capitalize on or there is an imminent threat. Once this is identified, a deeper research can pin point the elements of the brand which need tweaking to ward off the threat or improve brand perception. This technique can also point out quick opportunity areas and geographic markets from where early gains can be made, thereby justifying the investment immediately.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is an extremely critical part of the brand building process and is usually invisible and therefore neglected. This leads to faulty architecture and as in case of a building with faulty architecture, one has to live with the discomforts for the rest of the life or spend large amounts and face lot of discomfort to correct the same. Usually this architecture consists of two parts. 1) Planned architecture during the conception of the brand 2) Brand extension. While most companies do not give much thought to the first part primarily because they would have started small with one product and not necessarily planned the full journey ahead, the second part draws their attention as it could often put to risk the equity of the established brand. For the second part we have a simple technique called the “Supporter vs Supported” technique to decipher the real objectives of the exercise and thereby clearly establish the path.

Brand Extension

Brand Vectors uses its proprietary “Supporter vs Supported” technique for brand extension. Very often a brand extension exercise is done more as new product launch, where the company is not too keen to support a new brand. This however has implications on both the existing brand which has been extended and the new product. Our technique points out the pitfalls and makes the client more aware of the risks or opportunities, thereby facilitating more informed decisions.

Advertising Communication Development / Evaluation

In general, Brand Vectors does not work on creating long term brand communication as a project, because it believes that the team needs to understand the brand and soak in the feel of the brand before it can recommend a sustainable positioning and communication. However there are clients who have relatively high clarity on their category and / or are looking for a one time  communication with a specific task in mind. In such cases, we develop and test the communication for its objectives keeping the client’s understanding as the basis.

System Blueprint, Distribution Strategy

Corporate Identity

The team is well versed at creating complete Corporate Identity or Brand Identity. We follow internationally accepted formats for identity and operate through our associates in creating single brand name and logo or a complete identity manual.

Short Term Tactical Promotion

The team has worked on large below the line promotion schemes, for trade and also on large consumer promotion with short term objectives. We believe in keeping the brand health in mind while we do these short term tactical moves. The essence of these moves are that these give a small push to kick start a brand sale or trial etc. However addiction to these as the only means of keeping brand numbers going, is a serious threat and we do keep these parameters in mind while designing the scheme.

Marketing Department Audit

Efficiency of the marketing department and hence the marketing budget often suffers due to inappropriate systems within the department. While there are very clear statutory regulations and hence systems in finance function, marketing function often escapes rigor under the garb of creativity and non-standard situations. The fact is that a robust system actually helps in avoiding unintended errors and still allows you to take a decision overruling the system consciously. The team at Brand Vectors has set up such systems in their erstwhile organizations and are adept at reviewing and setting up such systems for both sales and marketing.”